Apex Legends Mobile gets a little chilly

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Mobile today launched Season 1: Cold Snap.

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From Respawn Entertainment:
Season 1: Cold Snap

In addition to bringing a number of key updates like an all-new Battle Pass chock full of unlockables, this Season 1 update marks the addition of one of the most popular Legends from the PC and Console versions, the one-and-only Translocating Thief, Loba.

Along with the introduction of fan-favorite Loba to the Legend pool, the Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap update will also feature the very icy Climatizer Town Takeover. Located just above Train Yard on World’s Edge, this Hammond-built lander has the ability to alter climates in specific POI’s, bringing an early winter to the Apex Games (along with a frosty new grenade to try out). The climatizer will turn off and on during the course of a match covering parts of World’s Edge with snow and offer players some truly frosty rewards. When the Climatizer is on, players can check their mini map for Frosted loot boxes to collect diamonds to purchase rare items in the Seasonal Shop. Diamonds can also be collected off of fallen foes, so happy fragging!

Players can access Loba at Battle Pass level 25 or unlock her in the store at any time starting this Thursday. And remember, on Apex Legends Mobile, Legend Progression will bring new perks to Loba players, including the ability to grab player banners. The Cold Snap update will also include a fully stocked, all-new Battle Pass. This new Battle Pass comes in two flavors, Premium and Premium Plus, with a host of cool bonuses for players including:

Battle Pass Premium:
• 1x Eternal Legend Skin (Octane - Ice Climber)
• 2x Legendary Legend Skin (Bangalore - Winter Ghillie, Bloodhound - Snow Prints)
• 2x Legendary Weapon Skin (EVA-8 Auto shotgun, Devotion LMG)
• Various item rewards (Banners, Emotes, Syndicate Packs, etc)
• 800 Syndicate Gold

Battle Pass Premium Plus:
• All content from Battle Pass Premium
• 80% Bonus BP experience gain
• 500000 BP experience (10 BP level)
• Limited Avatar Frame

Cold Snap is the first of many planned updates for Apex Legends Mobile, with new Legends, Maps, Modes and more being added constantly to the game. In addition to the mobile debut of Loba and the new wintry POI, Cold Snap will also come with a number of other updates to the game including a new limited time mode called Armed and Dangerous: Shotguns and Snipers only, and a host of bug fixes and improvements, all of which are detailed very clearly in the recently released patch notes found here.

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