Apex Legends - Xbox One

  • Genre: Battle Royale   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts   
  • Developer: Respawn Games   

Apex Legends delivers a squad-based battle royale experience with a uniquely Respawn flavor. Players will select from one of eight Legends - each with their own unique abilities and playstyles - and the last team standing wins.

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Apex Legends Articles & Features

5/7/2024: Apex Legends latest update, Upheaval, is now available on all systems.
5/3/2024: Respawn released a closer look at the Upheaval update coming to Apex Legends on May 7th.
3/4/2024: Apex Legends will be running its Inner Beast Collection Event from March 5th through 19th.
2/13/2024: Apex Legends is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the launch of Apex Legends: Breakout.
1/4/2024: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be taking over Apex Legends for a limited time event beginning on January 9th.
11/30/2023: The Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event begins on December 5th.
11/2/2023: Post Malone is joining Apex Legends for a limited-time event beginning on November 7th.
10/31/2023: Apex Legends newest season, Ignite, went live today.
9/14/2023: The Harbingers Collection Event will run in Apex Legends from September 19th through October 3rd.
8/8/2023: The Resurrection update for Apex Legends is now live,
8/3/2023: The Resurrection update for Apex Legends will launch on August 8th.
5/1/2023: The Arsenal update for Apex Legends will launch on May 9th.
3/2/2023: The Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event will run from March 7th through March 21st.
2/14/2023: Apex Legends is launching the Revelry update as part of the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the game.
11/29/2022: Apex Legends Mobile is launching its Underworld event today, November 29th, at 5:00 PM PST.
11/3/2022: The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Pro League returns with action beginning this weekend, November 5th through 6th.
11/1/2022: The Eclipse update for Apex Legends launched today.
10/12/2022: Apex Legends Mobile is launching Season 3: Champions on October 18th.
8/9/2022: The Hunted Update for Apex Legends is now live.
7/19/2022: The limited-time Gaiden Event in Apex Legends runs from today through August 2nd.
7/12/2022: Season 2: Distortion is now live in Apex Legends Mobile.
7/7/2022: Rhapsody will make her debut in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile.
6/14/2022: Apex Legends Mobile today launched Season 1: Cold Snap.
5/17/2022: Apex Legends Mobile is now available for Android and iOS devices.
5/11/2022: Apex Legends Mobile will launch for Android and iOS devices worldwide on May 17th.
5/10/2022: The Apex Legends: Saviors update launched today, which includes a new Legend, Newcastle.
3/29/2022: Apex Legends now runs natively on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and as part of the launch the Warriors Collection Event begins today and runs through April 12th.
3/17/2022: Pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile is now available.
1/31/2022: The Defiance update for Apex Legends will launch on all platforms on February 8th.
1/6/2022: The Apex Legends Dark Depths Event will run from January 11th through February 1st.
12/2/2021: The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event will run from December 7th through 21st.
11/2/2021: The Apex Legends: Escape update was released today on all platforms.
9/9/2021: The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event will run from September 14th through September 28th.
8/2/2021: Apex Legends: Emergence will be launching tomorrow, August 3rd.
7/22/2021: The Apex Legends: Emergence update, which includes the introduction of ranked arenas, will launch on August 3rd.
7/7/2021: The Thrillseekers in-game event in Apex Legends will run from July 13th through August 3rd.
7/7/2021: The Future of FPS Spotlight will air tomorrow, July 8th, on the EA YouTube channel.
6/24/2021: Apex Legends next collection event, Genesis, will will run from June 29th through July 13th.
6/4/2021: The Art of Apex Legends will be published in November and is now available for pre-order.
5/4/2021: The Apex Legends: Legacy update is now live on all platforms, bringing a new mode, Arena, and a new Legend, Valkyrie, to the game.
5/3/2021: A hands-on look at the new Arena Mode, the new Legend Valkyrie, and other updates coming to Apex Legends with the Legacy Update.
4/8/2021: Apex Legends is kicking-off its War Games event, a rotation of playlist modifiers, on April 13th.
3/26/2021: The four issue comic series Apex Legends: Overtime will debut on June 2nd.
3/4/2021: The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event will launch on March 9th and run until March 23rd.
2/4/2021: The Anniversary Collection Event, a celebration of Apex Legends' second anniversary, runs from February 9th and through February 23rd.
2/2/2021: Apex Legends has launched Season 8 – Mayhem, and with it a new hero, Fuse.
1/5/2021: The Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event runs through January 19th.
12/9/2020: The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit will begin on January 15th.
12/2/2020: Apex Legends has launched its Holo-Day Bash 2020 event which will run through January 4th.
11/4/2020: Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension has launched on all platforms.
10/26/2020: Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension will launch on November 4th, and will introduce a new Legend, Horizon.
10/22/2020: The Fight or Fright Event in Apex Legends has begun and runs through November 3rd.
10/1/2020: Apex Legends will be adding cross-play on October 6th, and will kick-off the Aftermarket Collection Event on the same day.
9/8/2020: The Apex Legends September Soiree kicks-off today.
9/1/2020: The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) will kick-off its on October 3rd with a $500,000 prize pool.
5/27/2020: The Apex Legends Global Series Summer Circuit will be a four-month series of online competition with $500,000 in prize money.
5/19/2020: The Broken Ghost Quest is now available in Apex Legends, a season-long search to find nine pieces of a mysterious artifact.
4/30/2020: Apex Legends Season 5, Fortune's Favor, will launch on May 12th.
4/17/2020: The Finals of the Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournaments are both moving up one day earlier.
4/2/2020: The Old Ways Lore Event will begin in Apex Legends on April 7th and run through the 21st.
2/27/2020: The System Override event in Apex Legends will run from March 3rd through 17th.
1/9/2020: The Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event will run from January 14th to January 28th.
12/17/2019: The Apex Legends Global Series will feature a prize pool of over $3 million.
12/13/2019: Mirage's Holo-Day Bash runs through December 7th.
10/14/2019: The Fight or Fright Halloween Collection Event in Apex Legends launches tomorrow, October 15th.
10/7/2019: The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection Event launches on October 15th.
10/1/2019: Apex Legends Season 3 - Meltdown launched today.
9/10/2019: The Apex Legends Lifeline Edition and Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition will be available in stores on October 18th.
9/9/2019: Eighty teams will be competing in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, taking place from September 13th through 15th.
8/30/2019: The Apex Legends Wraith Voidwalker event runs from September 3th through 17th.
8/13/2019: Apex Legends will be running a limited-time solo mode through August 27th.
7/30/2019: The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational will feature 80 teams competing for a prize pool of $500,000.
7/2/2019: Apex Legends Season 2 - Battle Charge launched today on all platforms.
6/8/2019: Apex Legends Season 2 – Battle Charge will debut on July 2nd.
6/5/2019: EXP is a new event series featuring eSports competitions at ESPN events.
6/4/2019: The Legendary Hunt Challenges are now live on Apex Legends.
5/30/2019: Respawn today released the first details on Apex Legends Season 2, with the full reveal to come during the game's EA PLAY livestream.
5/29/2019: EA PLAY 2019 will be featuring different games on its livestream throughout the day on Saturday, June 8th.
5/6/2019: Free registration for EA PLAY 2019, which will be held on June 8th and 9th in Hollywood, CA.
3/19/2019: Season 1 of Apex Legends, Wild Frontier, launched today.
2/4/2019: Apex Legends is available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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