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In The Wandering Village, your survival depends on your ability to build a thriving village on the back of a colossal beast.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: The Wandering Village
First Dwarf puts you in the role of a mech-riding dwarf with a dragon companion looking for a new home for his people after a world-shattering disaster.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: First Dwarf
One of the sessions at Digital Dragons 2023 focused on how the Ukrainian game industry has responded to the invasion of their country by Russia.
Games at War
Going deep underground with Lumencraft at the Digital Dragons 2023 Indie Zone.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: Lumencraft
Travel the skies of a dead Earth in your custom airship as you search for a cure for the planet ... and the disease afflicting your family.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: Forever Skies
Cast spells with your mouse in this mana punk, guns and sorcery indie RPG.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: Dark Envoy
Tarnished Blood was one of the more unique games on display in the Indie Zone at Digital Dragons 2023.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: Tarnished Blood
At Digital Dragons 2023 I spoke with Olle Pridiuksson, one of the founders of Gamedev Camp - a game incubator, about how their program can help programmers and artists looking to get into game development.
So You Want to be a Game Dev?
A conversation with Act Zero's Jedrzej Napiecek at the Digital Dragons 2023 Indie Zone about the studio's narrative adventure game, We. The Refugees: Ticket to Europe.
Digital Dragons Indie Spotlight: We. The Refugees
A day-by-day chronicle of my adventures at Digital Dragons 2023, one of Europe's premiere video game conferences.
Digital Dragons Diary 2023

Transmitted: 6/2/2023 3:12:01 PM