The Gamers' Temple was launched in December of 2001 as a site for games, run by gamers for gamers.  Too many game sites lose sight of one simple thing - games are supposed to be fun. 

Have you ever bought a game praised as 'innovative' or 'ground-breaking' in one 'me too' review after another, only to find it just wasn't that much fun to play?  Or perhaps you've seen your favorite game torn apart by an elitist reviewer even though it is a heck of a lot of fun to play.  Here at The Gamers' Temple we play all the games we review and look at them from a player's perspective.  We only review final versions of games - we'll never review a beta or pre-release version of a game just to be the first to post a review.  We're playing the exact same games that you are, or will be, playing.  We also ignore the industry hype or buzz surrounding a game - each game must earn a good review on its own merit.

As a site for gamers, we encourage feedback from our visitors, our community ... that is, you.  You can let other gamers know how you feel about a game, or see what others have to say about it.  You're also free to share game tips and strategies, or pick up a few new tricks yourself.

We're excited to bring you great gaming info - we love our work.  We thank you for visiting us and hope that you will come back often.