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Lucrezia Visconti and Francesca Storaro, must battle their way through floors of oncoming monsters in a ritual called 'the Adjuvant Trial'.
Make your animal friends happy by growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables that they can sell in their forest shops.
It's time to put your Warface on.
Batman must take down Mr. Freeze and his Cryo-thugs.
The lone survivor of a cataclysmic blast, the Inquisitor is the only one who can stop the demons terrorizing the land of Thedas.
If only the movie was as badass as its name.
82%: Showing some age, but still a solid home run.
Octodad: Dadliest Catch is about destruction, deception, and fatherhood.
The deaths of your allies will be many, but their sacrifices will not be in vain.
We Are One (Ole Ola)
It's clunky, it's chunky, it's push-button, and it's analogue.
Your island through the years.
91%: A Crooked Mile sets the Wolf Among Us on a straight path to an exciting conclusion.
Who's hunting whales here, you or the game's publisher?
96%: Even more amazing, and difficult, than Dark Souls.
79%: Plenty of puzzles, just not quite as puzzling.
66%: Not bad, but no need to play it twice.
65%: If Rube Goldberg's evil twin brother designed a game, this would be it.
The magic of storytelling makes for a compelling game.
This pinball table has plenty of kickers.
65%: If Rube Goldberg's evil twin brother designed a game, this would be it.
The Agent P figure and Phineas' Toy Box Adventure make for a fun Toy Box Pack.
50%: Yaiba looks really cool from screenshots, but the combat system is very cheap and makes the game more frustrating than fun.
50%: Needs a lot more Chemical X.
Too short, but oh so sweet.

Latest News

Red Orchestra 2 will be available as a free download on Steam until tomorrow at 10:00 AM PDT.
Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, an album featuring relaxing versions of game music, will be released in May.
The Witcher House of Glass #2 is available today in both physical and digital formats.
The town-builder TownCraft is now available in iPhone and Mac versions.
The strategy war game Strategy & Tactics: WWII launched on Steam Greenlight today.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call will be available for the 3DS later this year.
Nintendo today announced their DLC plans for Mario Golf: World Tour.
Royce Gracie will be an unlockable fighter in EA Sports UFC.
Masters of the Force will also be included in the previously announced Star Wars Pinball: Heroes collection.
The Season 9: A New Accord update for Star Trek Online went live today.