Call of Duty: Mobile diving into the deep end

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water will launch on Monday, June 28th at 5:00 PM PT.

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From Activision:
In Deep Water

While it seemed like Ghost was lost forever, he makes a surprising return in Season 5, and players can help him stem the tide of battle in a new naval-themed event called Sea of Steel. Players who also get on board with Season 5 will not be left high and dry as the update adds three new maps, new characters, new weapon blueprints, 50 battle pass tiers and much more.

Call of Duty: Mobile runs a tight ship, so here are some of the key highlights for Season 5 coming to Android and iOS:

• Three New Maps
• Suldal Harbor: Battle seaside on this medium-sized tactical map composed of shipping crates, narrow alleyways, and close-quarter interiors. Supported in 5v5 and 10v10 play.
• Docks: Deploy to a shipyard on the River Thames in this symmetrical small-sized map with plenty of vertical play. Will you fight in the open or rush inside? Supported in Gunfight.
• Aniyah Incursion: A bombed-out palace looms over the landscape surrounded by military supplies and housing. Fight in the luxurious palace interior or take your chances on the exterior grounds. Supported in 10v10 and Attack of the Undead.

• Marquee Event – It’s all hands on deck as a critical naval battle is impending in this new limited-time event: Sea of Steel. Players may sink or swim, but they must choose a side: Ghosts or the Federation. By bombarding their enemies, players race to capture territory and earn rewards for completing various daily tasks. The faction with the most map nodes at the end of the event wins.

• Call of Duty Endowment Challenge Pack - The Call of Duty Endowment helps veterans find high quality careers by supporting groups that prepare them for the job market and by raising awareness of the value vets bring to the workplace. To support these efforts, Call of Duty: Mobile is offering a Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Challenger Pack that has seven branded items, including “The Stripe” M16 rifle and “The Standard Issue” MW11 pistol.

• World Championship 2021 – With only a few days left in Stage 1, Stage 2 is set to begin on July 1. In Stage 2, all qualified players will team up and battle it out for 30 matches in Ranked Multiplayer to place in the top 256 teams in their region. Up for grabs is a spot in the Stage 3 Regional Qualifiers. For more detailed information about the WC 2021, please visit

Players can also expect New Seasonal Challenges, Lucky Draws, Bundles and more available in the store once the Season begins.

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