A new season is on the horizon for Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension will launch on November 4th, and will introduce a new Legend, Horizon.

The Mercury
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From Respawn Entertainment:

Season 7 - Ascension brings Horizon to the Outlands along with the next arena in Apex Legends, Olympus.

With her home planet Olympus in the midst of an energy crisis, Horizon and her robotic companion, N.E.W.T., venture to far away lands in search of crystals that can save it. Leaving behind her son for this journey, Horizon ventures into the unknown comforted by the fact that it will save her family and home. With a betrayal preventing the happy ending to her journey, Horizon finds herself home but lost in time as she fights to return to her son.

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