Anthem launches open demo

The Anthem demo is now live and runs through 8:00 PM PST on Sunday, February 3rd.

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From EA:

Similar to last week's VIP demo, players will get the chance to explore the world of Anthem as a Freelancer in multiple different Javelin exosuits, including the Storm, Interceptor, Colossus and Ranger. Players who participated in last week's VIP demo will also get the unique chance to try out all four Javelin exosuits in this weekend's open demo.

Please note when the open demo begins today, BioWare and EA will be opening servers in a rolling capacity so not all players may immediately be able to enter Anthem. This is planned and we recommend any player unable to play Anthem to try again later in the day as more servers come online. You can read Chad Robertson's new blog highlighting BioWare's preparations for today's demo here.

Anthem launches on February 15 in Origin Access Premiere and officially on February 22. Anthem will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin.

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