Alan Wake 2 Videos & Trailers

10/25/2023: Two heroes in two separate realities are somehow connected. Can they break out to be the heroes they need to be?
10/17/2023: Rediscover the mysteries of Bright Falls in Fortnite.
8/22/2023: Trapped in a nightmare, Alan Wake has been trying to write his way out. But what happens when something else escapes?
6/9/2023: FBI agent and profiler Saga Anderson finds herself at Cauldron Lake, outside of Bright Falls, trying to track down and stop a murder victim who has come back from the dead and turned into a monster.
5/24/2023: A string of ritualistic murders and a supernatural darkness begin to corrupt the locals of the quirky, idyllic small town of Bright Falls. Can FBI agent Saga Anderson and Alan Wake break free from the desolate horror story they're trapped in and be the heroes they need to be?