Steep Videos & Trailers

11/2/2018: X Games events come to Steep, Slopestyle, Superpipe, Big Air, and more.
2/6/2018: Unlock the 2018 Olympic Winter Games mascot in Steep.
12/1/2017: Olympic sports halfpipe, slalom, and skicross come to Steep.
10/12/2017: Experience the journey of a young athlete training in three freestyle events to reach the Olympic Winter Games.
6/27/2017: Three new extreme sports for Steep: Rocket Wings, Speed Riding, and BASE Jumping.
6/13/2017: Steep is bringing gamers to South Korea and Japan this December.
5/3/2017: Take part in the craziest winter sports festival ever.
4/20/2017: Get ready for a party in the Alps.
2/24/2017: The peaks of Alaska's Mount Denali open up 21 new challenges, two branded challenges, and one Mountain Story.
11/9/2016: Check out wingsuit and paraglide flights, as well as runs down the mountain on a snowboard or skis.
10/25/2016: Steep teams with GoPro to bring you new ways to experience the Alps.
8/17/2016: Ride a massive open world of the Alps.