Sea of Thieves Videos & Trailers

1/26/2021: Seasons arrive in Sea of Thieves on January 28th.
9/9/2020: Vaults of the Ancients brings in a new Voyage type as players are tasked with tracking down well-hidden keys to the Gold Hoarders’ top secret Treasure Vaults.
6/17/2020: Dare you brave Haunted Shores?
5/27/2020: Revisit Tall Tales and plunder new Daily Bounties.
4/7/2020: The trading companies of Sea of Thieves need your help as an Emissary.
4/23/2019: Wield wondrous artifacts, pit your wits against puzzles, and face down truly fearsome guardians as you follow this trail of Tall Tales.
7/17/2018: Cursed Sails will have the dead setting sail for war against the living.
6/16/2018: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores are coming to Sea of Thieves.
3/19/2018: Welcome to the Museum of More Pirate. Throughout these glorious halls, our curator pays homage to the most legendary legends to ever unfurl on the open sea.
3/15/2018: It's time to set sail.
1/24/2018: The Sea of Thieves Closed Beta runs from January 24th through 29th.