Halo Infinite launches Operation: Anvil

Halo Infinite launched Operation: Anvil today, which will run through July 30th.

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From Xbox:

Halo Infinite’s latest Operation: Anvil is available today (through July 30) and brings a new, free 20-tier Operation Pass, new game mode Big Team Battle: Sentry Defense, a new community created Big Team Battle map, a slate of items in The Exchange, and more.

Operation: Anvil is based on Anvil Station – the top-secret location where the UNSC and their alien allies from the Arbiter’s Swords of Sanghelios, worked together to test experimental prototypes, including new Spartan armor variants.

With this latest Operation, players can acquire the new Sangheili-themed ASSAILER armor, a new emblem, and additional Spartan Points to spend in The Exchange. Players with also be able to jump into multiplayer action with BTB: Sentry Defense. In addition, a new symmetrical community-created Big Team Battle map – Command – has been added to the regular rotation of BTB maps.

In the new Big Team Battle mode, Sentry Defense, each team has one sentry that must be protected while attempting to take down that of the opposition. The match starts with each team having 2,000 points. As damage is dealt to a sentry, the score drops and when a team hits 0 points it’s game over.

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