Azure Flame Hanzo fueling esport prize pool

Blizzard Entertainment
Sales of the legendary Azure Flame Hanzo skin in Overwatch 2 will be used to help fund the esports prize pool at the DreamHack Dallas festival for the 2024 Overwatch Champions Series Dallas Major

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Azure Flame Hanzo

Blizzard will contribute 25% of the revenue from all item sales in the Azure Flame Hanzo OWCS Crowdfunding Bundle (purchased together or individually) to the OWCS Dallas Major prize pool.

The Azure Flame Hanzo bundle is available now through June 3, and features:
• Azure Flame Hanzo Skin
• Azure Moon Name Card
• Azure Flame Player Icon
• Azure Guardian Spray
• Dragon Guardian Weapon Charm

The aesthetic of Azure Flame Hanzo is directly inspired by the power of Overwatch’s esports competitors. Skin designer TB Choi wanted players “to feel like they could sweep their enemies away like a storm, and overwhelm those in front of them with intense force.” Lightning, thunder, storm, and flame motifs were primary influences for the skin, with the dichotomy of sharp lines and the rolling curves of nature’s energy evoking a sense of ever-shifting, primordial power.

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