UNDERTALE inspires prog rock album

Materia Collective
The progressive rock opera album Fallen Hero by arranger and performer Ro Panuganti has been released to celebrate the fifth anniversary of UNDERTALE.

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From Materia Collective:
Fallen Hero

Ro Panuganti is an active musician, primarily creating progressive rock/metal music. His skills range from electric guitar to bass, vocal, piano, and a slew of traditional Indian instruments. Influences range from 1980s guitar soloists, classic rock and progressive metal groups, as well as varieties of musicals and soundtracks. Ro has been creating rock and metal versions of videogame, television, movie, etc. themes since 2011 have performed in a variety of settings including MAGFest (Music and Gaming Fesitval) and other conventions. His music has been featured on Nickelodeon, Smosh, small indie games including Bacon Man: An Adventure, and albums have performed in the Top 20 Bandcamp Albums in their respective genres. Ro continues to create a variety of videogame metal arrangements and original works, and manage various music-creating communities.

Materia Collective is thrilled to release Fallen Hero by arranger and performer Ro Panuganti. Fallen Hero celebrates the five-year anniversary of the indie hit UNDERTALE and tells its story through a 24-track progressive metal concept album, featuring intense guitar-driven arrangements, heart-tugging orchestrations, and eclectic instrumentations. Drawing from 1970s progressive rock and modern progressive/technical metal styles, Fallen Hero re-arranges UNDERTALE's most recognizable themes, battle music, and iconic character scores to tell the charming story of the underground. Over 20 guest artists including FamilyJules (Cadence of Hyrule), String Player Gamer, and Doug Perry contribute.Fallen Hero is available today.

"Rock operas, especially instrumental ones, are definitely rarities to me in the videogame soundtrack and cover world," comments arranger and performer Ro Panuganti. "Fallen Hero can stand out in this domain for telling a motif-heavy story with transitions and sound designs, even when those particular features are quite conventional in concept albums. As a metal album, Fallen Hero distinguishes itself with a huge array of instruments and styles while still keeping a hard-hitting rock and metal production. Sitars, violins, saxophones, clarinets, and more are present whether in the midst of a heavy metal section or their own dedicated space. Sound design bridges the UNDERTALEworld and the musical one, referencing key moments in the game as breaks between all the guitar riffs."

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