Get a free friend pass for The Dark Pictures Anthology

Bandai Namco
From now through January 6th anyone who owns or purchases The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan will be given a free Friend's Pass.

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From Bandai Namco:

The treacherous waters of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan may be teeming with dangerous foes, but Bandai Namco is bearing plenty of gifts to help players sleigh them this holiday season. From now through January 6, 2020, everyone who purchases—or has already purchased—Man of Medan will be granted one complimentary Friend’s Pass, giving them one full playthrough of Shared Story Mode with a friend who doesn’t own the full game!

To redeem the free Friend’s Pass for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, new players need only download the Man of Medan Free Trial, and then be invited to play the Shared Story Mode by someone who already owns the full version of the game. To redeem the free Friend’s Pass for Steam, please see instructions in the recent announcements on the game’s official Steam page. The Friend’s Pass will no longer be usable after completing one playthrough of the Shared Story.

In addition, The Curator's Cut, an alternative viewpoint that provides additional content after completing the main story, is now available for everyone to enjoy!

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