The Sims 2 Ultimate Sims 2 Guide

The Sims 2 FAQ/Guide for PC

Author: Warfreak
Version: 3.4
Day Started 30/12/04

NOTE: Credits are at the rear end of this FAQ
NOTE: Help is needed, to help, e-mail me.
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Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction to the Game
    [1.02] Difference between The Sims 1 and The Sims 2
    [1.03] Version History
[2] Getting Started
    [2.01] Neighbourhood
    [2.02] Create Your Own Sims
[3] Personality and Characteristics
    [3.01] Star Chart
    [3.02] Characteristics
[4] The Neighbourhood
    [4.01] Adding Decorations
    [4.02] Residential Lots
    [4.03] Community Lots
[5] Walkthroughs
    [5.01] Help to start off
    [5.02] Earning Money
    [5.03] Art Money Maker
    [5.04] Need Control
    [5.05] Skill Builder
[6] Your Sim's Needs
    [6.01] Hunger
    [6.02] Comfort
    [6.03] Bladder
    [6.04] Energy
    [6.05] Fun
    [6.06] Social
    [6.07] Hygiene
    [6.08] Environment
[7] Skills
    [7.01] Cooking
    [7.02] Mechanical
    [7.03] Charisma	
    [7.04] Body
    [7.05] Logic
    [7.06] Creativity
    [7.07] Cleaning
[8] Semi Skills
    [8.01] Yoga
    [8.02] Meditate
    [8.03] Cooking Chart
[9] Age Groups
    [9.01] Baby
    [9.02] Toddler
    [9.03] Child
    [9.04] Teenager
    [9.05] Adult
    [9.06] Elder
[10] Aspirations
    [10.01] Fortune
    [10.02] Knowledge
    [10.03] Family
    [10.04] Romance
    [10.05] Popularity
    [10.06] Grow Up
    [10.07] Rewards
[11] Aspiration Wants 
    [11.01] Food Wants
    [11.02] Job Wants
    [11.03] Relationship Wants
    [11.04] Money Wants
    [11.05] Skill Wants
    [11.06] Miscellaneous Wants
[12] Aspiration Fears
    [12.01] Job Fears
    [12.02] Relationship Fears
    [12.03] Money Fears
    [12.04] Skill Fears
    [12.05] Miscellaneous Fears
[13] Jobs - Adults
    [13.01] Politics
    [13.02] Medicine
    [13.03] Business
    [13.04] Athletic
    [13.05] Criminal
    [13.06] Military
    [13.07] Slacker
    [13.08] Law Enforcement
    [13.09] Culinary
    [13.10] Science
    [13.11] Job Summary
[14] Job - Teenager / Elder
    [14.01] Politics
    [14.02] Medicine
    [14.03] Business
    [14.04] Athletic
    [14.05] Criminal
    [14.06] Military
    [14.07] Slacker
    [14.08] Law Enforcement
    [14.09] Culinary
    [14.10] Science
    [14.11] Job Summary
[15] Chance Cards - Adult
    [15.01] Politics
    [15.02] Medicine
    [15.03] Business
    [15.04] Athletic
    [15.05] Criminal
    [15.06] Military
    [15.07] Slacker
    [15.08] Law Enforcement
    [15.09] Culinary
    [15.10] Science
[16] Chance Cards - Teenager / Elder
    [16.01] Politics
    [16.02] Medicine
    [16.03] Business
    [16.04] Athletic
    [16.05] Criminal
    [16.06] Military
    [16.07] Slacker
    [16.08] Law Enforcement
    [16.09] Culinary
    [16.10] Science
[17] Job Rewards
    [17.01] Politics
    [17.02] Medicine
    [17.03] Business
    [17.04] Athletic
    [17.05] Criminal
    [17.06] Military
    [17.07] Slacker
    [17.08] Law Enforcement
    [17.09] Culinary
    [17.10] Science
[18] Mini Jobs
    [18.01] Painter
    [18.02] Novelist
[19] School
    [19.01] Public School
    [19.02] Private School
    [19.03] Events in School
[20] Non-Killing Disasters
    [20.01] Abduction
    [20.02] Breaking Stuff
    [20.03] Burglars
    [20.04] Flooding
    [20.05] Pass Out
    [20.06] Pee Pants
[21] Killing Disasters
    [21.01] Diseases
    [21.02] Drowning
    [21.03] Electrocution
    [21.04] Fire
    [21.05] Fly Swarm
    [21.06] Old Age
    [21.07] Satellite
    [21.08] Scared to Death
    [21.09] Starvation
[22] Ghosts and Grim Reapers
    [22.01] Ghosts
    [22.02] Ghost Colours
    [22.03] Pleading with the Grim Reaper
[23] Telephone
    [23.01] Other Sims
    [23.02] Services 
    [23.03] Taxi
    [23.04] Work
    [23.05] Emergency
    [23.06] Delivery
[24] Computer
    [24.01] Chat With ...
    [24.02] Send E-Mail
    [24.03] Find a Job
    [24.04] Order Groceries
    [24.05] Play Games
    [24.06] Find Own Place
    [24.07] Write Novel
[25] Newspaper
    [25.01] Bring In
    [25.02] Read
    [25.03] Find Own Place
    [25.04] Recycle
    [25.05] Do Crossword
    [25.06] Make Airplane
    [25.07] Find a Job
[26] Fridge
    [26.01] Snacks
    [26.02] The Three Main Meals
    [26.03] Dessert
    [26.04] Grill
    [26.05] Bottles
    [26.06] Supplies
[27] Invite Headmaster
    [27.01] Overview
    [27.02] Food
    [27.03] Tour
    [27.04] Schmooze
    [27.05] Total Score
    [27.06] Secret Points
[28] Party
    [28.01] Party Levels
    [28.02] How To Get a Good Party
[29] Build a House
    [29.01] Decks and Foundations
    [29.02] Basements
[30] Interests
    [30.01] Your Sims Interests
    [30.02] Changing the Interests
[31] Memories
    [31.01] Your Sim's Memories
[32] Helpful NPC's
    [32.01] Social Bunny
    [32.02] Therapist
[33] Miscellaneous Stuff
    [33.01] Bills
    [33.02] Free Will
    [33.03] Vacation Days
    [33.04] Fat and Thin
[34] Q&A
    [34.01] Questions
[35] Codes
    [35.01] Codes
[36] Bugs and Glitches
    [36.01] Bugs

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright

[1] Introduction

This is just the start of the game. This chapter will describe the nature of
the game and the difference between the old Sims 1 and the new Sims 2. This
guide was written to myself from the brink of depression that I fell into.

[1.01] Introduction to the Game

The Sims 2 is a squeal to one of the most popular games out, The Sims. This 
game is produced by Maxis and is distributed by Electronics Art (I Think). The
Sims 2 is basically a virtual (not as realistic) simulation of life, where you
play god over your "Sims". You buy them items such as furniture and plants,
buy new clothing, build house and such, and so forth. Its great fun, but it is
rated M15+ in the shops (In Australia, it is anyway). It is targeted to a 
older age group but mainly at the teenager group.

[1.02] Difference between The Sims 1 and The Sims 2

Players of The Sims 1 should see that I'm talking from the original version
of The Sims 1 and that I'm talking about the one released, not the one with
any or all the expansion packs. This is a large range and includes:
* Livin Large       |
* House Party       |
* Hot Date          |
* Vacation          | Great Stuff
* Unleashed         | 
* Makin Magic       |
* Superstar        _|

* Online

I'm doing this so that people who get to play The Sims 1 without any of 
the expansion packs will understand my mumbo jumbo.

Differences include:

* The telephone does not give out money randomly and you don't get weird calls
* You can talk to computer played players (NPC's) like the postie
* More items (well, duh!)
* Cleaning skill
* Age groups
* Kick out some old jobs (entertainment)
* Add of new jobs (slacker, cooking)
* Many more social interactions
* Community lots
* Neighbourhoods
* Aspirations and Aspiration Points
* Rewards
* Chance Cards
* Meditate and Yoga
* New Foods
* Grim Reaper
* Interests
* Environment Bar
* Call Work and call a SICKIE

[1.03] Version History

Version 0.1 [30/12/04]
Started this FAQ, have not submitted it to GamesFAQ yet. Only a little bit of
work. Started and finished the basics. Finished Chapter 1 through to 4

Version 0.2 [1/1/05]
Ok, New Year Update. The FAQ hasn't been submitted to anyone yet except to
myself. My Sims got into a private school and so I will report on this. Finish
Chapter 6 - 8. Start Chapter 9.

Version 0.3 [3/1/05]
Added a new Chapter 5 [Beginning] and finished Chapter 9, 10, 11 and Chapter 
12. Finally finish Chapter 13. Still haven't submitted FAQ, I'll do it in due 
course, in other words, when I freakin feel like it. Table of Contents 

Note, The coming soon sign is to know that I'm working on it. I can't do 
everything at once so don't be surprised if you see the coming soon sign and
then see something there further down as I'm working on it.

Version 0.4 [4/1/05]
Net is off for a while so the will be not submission or update for a while.
Net is so slow that it will take a while. Anyway, I've started on the 
Headmaster Section, Interest Section. I've submitted and it is there. If you
are not happy, too bad.

Version 0.5 [6/1/05]
I've started on the Q&A section and it is up and running. Now you can submit 
your Questions and they will be placed there. Non-Killing Disasters have been
finished. Code section is up and running. Doing the Athletic Career for Adults
and the glitches are up. The athletic job summary for adults is up.

Version 0.6 [7/1/05]
I have given Neoseeker permission to host this FAQ. Science career tracks are
up and running and I've added a new section

Version 0.7 [8/1/05]
Received massive loads of information about private schooling and jobs for 
your young ones. Add little bit to the introduction. 

Version 0.8 [9/1/05]
Written another walkthrough under chapter 5. Added a hack question in Q&A.
Wrote the entire section about killing disasters. Started Grim Reaper Section
after submitting an update.

Version 0.9 [10/1/05]
The Grim Reaper section is finally finished.

Version 1.0 [11/1/05]
Wow! That's 10 updates down the drain. Added some stuff according to what I've
been e-mailed. Doing the Criminal Section of the Teenager jobs. Put up some
chance cards.

Version 1.1 [12/1/05]
Oh man, its so hot, I can't work. Being stuck in the southern end of the world
is hot, even more so if your in Australia. Stupid temps get up to about 30 to
40 degrees often so I really can't be bothered to update a lot. Too lazy too.
In short, my future updates will be small for the time being. Okay, I'll do
some jobs and such. Ahh, the heat is killing me. Military for Adults done.

Version 1.2 [14/1/05]
Thou shall not sweat, kinda impossible at the moment. Okay, some more school
events are in place, some jobs and chances cards are added. New section under
chapter 25. Job rewards are in.

Version 1.3 [15/1/05]
Updated some parts under the Aspiration section. Culinary Job for adults done
at last. Size is over 300kb mark. Wahoo! New Walkthrough, corrected some typos
and fixed the broken items section. Military section for teenagers done. Did
the Floor Interactions. Miscellaneous section started and the bills are done.
40 Table of Contents Chapters are in Place. Some of the telephone chapter is

Version 1.4 [18/1/05]
Okay, a minor update but an update all the same. Stuff on some Job rewards,
school event and a chance card. Not much, but I'm too lazy otherwise.

Version 1.5 [22/1/05]
Its been a while since I updated. Added some more job rewards, the community
lot furniture have names, novelist section completed, added more on telephone.

Version 1.6 [23/1/05]
Criminal for Adults have been completed. Some more on the telephone, new 
section added. Telephone section done.

Version 1.7 [1/2/05]
Been a while now. Busy writing another easy FAQ so I'll won't be updating this
guide for a short while.

Version 1.8 [22/2/05]
Long time since last update. That's because I'm too busy play Ragnarok which
is kind of a good RPG or MMORPG to be precise. Okay, added another comment 
about the golf thiny, fixed up some aspirations, added some new ones, did
some stuff on the computer (Sim Computer you twit). Finished off some
miscellaneous stuff.

Version 1.9 [2/3/05]
Wow, The Sims 2 University is released! I won't buy it until I finish this
FAQ. Anyway, fixed a typo, started chapter 32. Finished Chapter 30. Added some
more bugs and questions. Finished Chapter 36.

Version 2.0 [9/3/05]
Wow, 20 updates now, this is amazing. Well, I get the University EP soon and
rumours say that there is another Expansion Pack called Nightlife coming out
soon. It involves vampires and other scary things. I hope it would be 
released in Halloween, seeing that it is so scary. NOT! Added another bug, for
all you bug people out there. Memories section up and running. Over the 350kb
more. Yahoo!

Version 2.1 [10/3/05]
I bought University Expansion pack so I'll finish updating this guide as soon
as possible as I'll possibly write a FAQ for University. The objects sections
have been killed as it would take forever to finish. And the EP will add new
objects so it will confuse it XD. Teenager Jobs complete. Some Chance Cards

Version 2.2 [11/3/05]
Wow, nearly finished and gotta start on the University Expansion Pack. Nearly
finished on the jobs. All the known chance cards completed. Finished the jobs
sections. Only minor chapters till complete.

Version 2.3 [27/4/05]
This guide is basically final and only minor updates will be added.

Version 2.4 [3/5/05]
Minor Update, completed most of the lacking material.

Version 2.5 [5/5/05]
Added another chance card. Some more misc stuff.

Version 2.6 [10/5/05]
Fixed some more minor stuff.

Version 2.7 [21/6/05]
Changed e-mail policy.

Version 2.8 [15/7/05]
Added some new stuff.

Version 2.9 [20/7/05]
Some even more stuff

Version 3.0 [22/7/05]
Tiny updates like uniform.

Version 3.1 [4/8/05]
Due to a breach in copyright laws, the copyright section is now foolproof,
unless you live in a poor country where you cannot commit fraud for selling
guides. All criminals beware.

Version 3.2 [5/8/05]
Two chance cards and some uniforms, thats all.

Version 3.3 [14/8/05]
Lots of minor stuff, not much to do.

Version 3.4 [21/8/05]
Some more minor stuff.

Getting Started



Aspiration Wants

Aspiration Fears

Jobs - Adult

Jobs - Teenager / Elder

Chance Cards - Adult