Terra Nil - PC

  • Genre: Builder   
  • ESRB: NR   
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital   
  • Developer: Free Lives   
  • · Official Site

Terra Nil presents players with a task of global environmental rejuvenation. The open-ended strategy progresses through multiple stages of restoration, including cultivating biodiversity, fixing the climate and even recycling the buildings players used to get there. Traverse the planet, restoring different geographical regions, each with their own unique challenges, flora, and fauna.

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Terra Nil Articles & Features

3/28/2023: The ecosystem rebuilding game Terra Nil is now available on PC and mobile via Netflix.
Rebuild the world with Terra Nil
2/20/2023: The ecological strategy game Terra Nil will be available on PC and Netflix on March 28th.
Terra Nil will sprout up in March
6/10/2022: Terra Nil is coming to Netflix games in 2023.
Terra Nil will be reverse-building on Netflix too
6/7/2021: The ecosystem restoration game Terra Nil is coming to Steam, and a demo for the game will be released on June 16th.
Reverse city-builder Terra Nil coming to Steam

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