Far Cry 6 Videos & Trailers

1/11/2022: Embody Pagan Min, experiencing what takes place in the depths of the villain’s troubled psyche.
8/25/2021: Dictator Antón Castillo’s grip on Yara is threatened by a guerrilla uprising challenging his vision for the island.
6/12/2021: You are Vaas. You are Pagan Min. You are Joseph Seed.
6/12/2021: Escape isn't an option from Yara.
5/28/2021: The modern guerilla life of Dani Rojas.
5/28/2021: Get a look into the life of Yara.
7/12/2020: Far Cry 6 plunges you into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution set in Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time.