For Honor Videos & Trailers

Wage war as one of three great warrior legacies: bold Knights, brutal Vikings, or mysterious Samurai.
Ensure the survival of your people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon.
Choose from one of the three factions and fight to take control of territories.
Learn more about the distinct skills of the Vikings, Samurai, and Knights.
Wielding a trident and shield, the Gladiator has made a living off of killing for sport.
Stoic and guarded, Highlanders are patient heroes capable of switching between two different fighting forms.
The Lawbringers are the justice in Ashfeld, enforcing the laws and dispensing punishment.
The Nobushi are the defenders of the villages too far from the Imperial City for the army to reach.
Scattered for centuries, the Knights have begun at last to gather again under a single banner: the banner of the Iron Legion.
Very few industries remain in Ashfeld, but the nonstop war machine has a constant need for steel.
Were it not a battleground, the Temple Garden would be one of the most beautiful and serene spaces.
Grudge and Glory adds new heroes, maps, gear, and ranked play.
Introducing the Highlander and the Gladiator.
The Sentinel is a castle in ruins.
History has not been kind to the Samurai. After losing their homeland to sea and fire, the nomadic warriors have ceased their wandering and have rebuilt themselves a new nation under a mighty Emperor.
The noble Knights of the Iron Legion, the deadly Samurai of the Dawn Empire, and ferocious Vikings of the Warborn clans are under threat from a mysterious and bloodthirsty warlord named Apollyon.
Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield.
The Valkyries have made a deal with the gods: they will fight and earn glory so that those who can?t will be counted in the halls of Valhalla.
Previously thought to have vanished, the Vikings have returned to plunder, take new lands, and reclaim their ancient homeland in the north.