Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Videos & Trailers

12/1/2016: Re-ignite the battle for Zomburbia for the holiday season.
6/30/2016: New features include Community Challenges and Special Delivery missions.
5/31/2016: Welcome to Zombopolis.
3/7/2016: Welcome to the Aqua Center.
2/18/2016: The war in the Backyard Battleground begins.
1/7/2016: Try out some of the new classes, modes, and maps for the first time.
12/18/2015: Take a deep dive into the features of Backyard Battleground.
12/10/2015: Solo Play features on display including Crazy Settings.
11/5/2015: This mech comes loaded with the Zomni-tool, kinetic padding, and interlocking ceramic plate armor.
9/17/2015: Lead designer Chris Fox showcases the abilities of and strategies for the six new classes.
8/5/2015: The plants are taking the moon back!
6/15/2015: Zombies have taken over Suburbia and plants are on the attack.