Dishonored 2 Videos & Trailers

Arkane Studios announces Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Definitive Edition at E3 2015.
Learn more about the world of Dishonored 2 and its characters from The Outsider with this "pop-up book".
Watch as Emily Kaldwin navigates the grand inventor's Clockwork Mansion eliminating anyone who gets in her way.
Take a Shadow Walk on the quieter side with a stealthy, Low Chaos journey through the Clockwork Mansion.
The Royal Protector returns in Dishonored 2.
Watch as Corvo Attano enacts his vengeance on Delilah.
Take a tour of Karnaca, the setting for Dishonored 2.
Watch as both Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano showcase a few of their moves to dispatch enemies.
Sometimes you need to have a good exit strategy.
Choose to play as Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin and head to the coastal city of Karnaca.
Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the Royal Protector, Corvo Attano?
Prepare to pull off the greatest assassination ever conceived in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.
New highlights of both Corvo and Emily in action.
As either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca.
Take back what's yours.
A mythic figure who resides in the Void, the Outsider emerges when he believes someone has come along who might be pivotal to history.
Arkane's Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith unravels some of the mysteries of the game.
Arkane's Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith takes you on a tour of Karnaca.
Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Xbox One X updates.