Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Videos & Trailers

11/19/2018: Two new Moroccan Operators join Team Rainbow in Operation Wind Bastion.
11/19/2018: What went into making Operation Wind Bastion and taking the game to Morocco.
8/17/2018: Maverick is known for his precise work and keen mind.
8/13/2018: Meet Clash, the first Defender with a shield.
5/16/2018: Maestro is a member of the Gruppo di Intervento Speciale who was born and raised in Rome.
5/14/2018: Introducing Alibi, the new Italian operator coming in Operation Para Bellum.
5/11/2018: The Villa is the new Rainbow Six Siege map coming with Operation Para Bellum.
12/5/2017: Operation White Noise premieres two Operators from the 707th Special Mission Battalion for a rescue mission high up Mok Myeok Tower.
2/6/2017: Two G.E.O. Operators join Team Rainbow to protect civilians vacationing in Ibiza, Spain.
8/1/2016: In Operation Skull Rain, two new Brazilian BOPE operators join Team Rainbow to storm The Favel.
10/30/2015: Learn more about the Spetsnaz Siege operators, the Russian counter-terrorism unit.
10/21/2015: Team Rainbow is bound to no single nation when combating global terrorism.
9/24/2015: The devs' top five tips for succeeding in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
9/23/2015: Closed Beta goes live on September 24th.
6/15/2015: A team of gamers select CTU Operators and coordinate their plan of attack.
3/30/2015: Operators are specialists with their own expertise within Siege operations.