HITMAN 3 Videos & Trailers

2/4/2021: The new content and contracts on tap for HITMAN 3 in February.
1/18/2021: Agent 47 returns for the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy.
1/12/2021: Join the team at IO Interactive for behind-the-scenes details about what you can expect from the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy.
12/15/2020: Agent 47 is reunited with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey as they begin their hunt for the partners of Providence.
12/8/2020: Take full control of Agent 47's deadly abilities and his arsenal of weapons and tools.
11/24/2020: Agent 47 travels to Chongqing, China with its rainy, neon-lit streets packed full of shops and food stands, all crammed into tight streets.