F1 2020 Videos & Trailers

5/29/2020: Hanoi Circuit takes inspiration from iconic F1 circuits such as Suzuka, Monaco, and Nurburgring. Designed for action and overtaking with two incredibly long straights, it promises to be one of the fastest circuits in the F1 calendar.
5/21/2020: Considered one of the most challenging circuits in the F1 calendar, navigating Monaco's tight street circuit takes immense skill and courage with little chance to take your foot off the gas from start to finish.
4/30/2020: Nestled among the coastal dunes in the province of North Holland, Circuit Zandvoort is a traditional style racetrack. The final bank, angled at 18 degrees, will allow drivers to tuck-in behind an opponent and line-up to overtake in front of the fans on the home straight.
4/15/2020: My Team. Split-screen. Choose from three career lengths. Race the new circuits Hanoi and Zandvoort.