Far Cry New Dawn Videos & Trailers

2/13/2019: Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to find a world dramatically changed.
2/13/2019: Learn what happens to humanity after a devastating nuclear apocalypse, and then see firsthand how visitors to Hope County are greeted by the merciless Highwaymen 17 years later in the opening moments of the game.
2/12/2019: Customize your experience of the post-apocalypse.
1/23/2019: Far Cry New Dawn's weapon crafting, building, and new ways to get around in post-apocalypse Montana.
1/23/2019: Face off against the ruthless highwaymen and their leaders the Twins as you fight to survive in a dangerous post-apocalyptic frontier.
12/7/2018: See how Montana has changed 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, and learn the fate of your beloved canine companion Boomer.
12/6/2018: Discover how Hope County, Montana has changed seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe.