Dead or Alive 6 Videos & Trailers

6/9/2019: New Characters "Mai Shiranui" and "Kula Diamond" will join DOA6.
3/1/2019: Face everything from a giant attacking kraken to tenacious pterodactyls.
1/11/2019: The subject of countless legends from the days of old, Nyotengu has descended into the human world seeking something to dispel her boredom.
1/11/2019: A look at the DOA6 Battle system, modes, and other features.
12/13/2018: Brad Wong, known as "The Drunken Fighter," is a master of Zui Ba Xian Quan. Known as "The Apprentice of the Iron Fist," Eliot launches at opponents with a furious volley of consecutive Xingyi Quan attacks thanks to techniques learned from his master, Gen Fu.
11/19/2018: NiCO, known as "The Lightning Technomancer", is a practitioner of Pencak Silat, a historic martial art of Southeast Asia.
10/5/2018: As an introduction to their new fighting ring, the father-daughter duo of Bass and Tina gather reporters inside an arena to unveil their new professional wrestling organization, also known as The Muscle. Inside the arena stage, not only will the action be fast and fierce, but the ring ropes surge with electrical current while the steel pillars surrounding the squared-circle bellow fire at wary brawlers.
9/10/2018: Team NINJA's next fighter arrives in February 2019.