Bless Unleashed Videos & Trailers

3/24/2020: A look at the game's combo system, and how to make your character unleash devastating attacks and powerful blessings.
3/12/2020: Welcome to the untamed world of Lumios.
7/8/2019: Seek danger and you'll be greatly rewarded.
6/18/2019: Field Bosses in Bless Unleashed are truly dangerous. Do you have what it takes to make them pray?
4/30/2019: As both a healer and warrior, the Priest brings a unique skill set to the battlefield. Priests can unleash a fury of attacks from afar with lethal combinations and pinpoint accuracy as well as set down buffs and heals and for their teammates. Truly, the Priest is a force to be reckoned with.
4/18/2019: Equipped with sword and shield, Crusaders can devastate enemies with vicious strikes and timely blows. With knight-like armor and a shield for extra defense, Crusaders prefer the action up close and personal to take the hurt to the enemies and draw attention away from their allies.
3/28/2019: Get ready to make them pray.
3/13/2019: The Berserker is built for close combat as they unleash powerful attacks to defeat multiple enemies at once and stand toe-to-toe with the mightiest of beasts.
2/21/2019: Bless Unleashed. Rangers are built to deal death from afar as they unleash lethal bow-and-arrow attacks to defeat multiple enemies at once or take down the mightiest of beasts.
8/31/2018: Enter an open persistent world where mythical beasts roam the land.