The Sinking City Videos & Trailers

6/25/2019: Charles Reed is a private detective who comes to Oakmont, Massachusetts in order to investigate the cause of an unprecedented supernatural flood.
5/22/2019: Witness the madness afflicting Oakmont.
5/2/2019: Charles Reed finds Mr. Throgmorton who entrusts him with a theft case tinged with obscure nuances. To elucidate the investigation, Charles will have to look for clues, follow tracks, hunt suspects around the city and eliminate obstacles in his path.
12/5/2018: What makes H.P. Lovecraft so influential.
8/22/2018: He believed he'd be able to rip loose the veil clouding his lost memories, and bring to light the horrors hiding inside, biding their time to submerge the world. At least, that's how he saw things.