The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Videos & Trailers

8/28/2019: The fate of everyone aboard lies in your hands.
8/21/2019: Let the Curator guide you through bone-chilling urban legends.
8/13/2019: Movie Night Mode allows groups of friends play through The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan together via couch co-op. With pass-the-controller play, each players' own choices will impact their friends around them and the story as it unfolds. Share in the horror and consequences that Supermassive Games is known for and see who makes it out alive.
8/6/2019: This dev diary focuses on the development team's process of creating the Shared Story Mode, a 2-player cooperative online multiplayer experience where players make choices and perform actions that affect the outcome of the story and fate of their respective characters.
7/30/2019: See things through the eyes of the Curator.
7/11/2019: Play Shared Story with a friend online, or Movie Night offline with up to 5-players.
7/1/2019: The creative process of breathing life (and death) into one of the game's key characters.
6/27/2019: Shawn Ashmore ("Conrad") offers an in-depth discussion of Man of Medan's vibrantly detailed cast of characters, along with a behind-the-scenes look into the motion-capture process that brings them to life-or death, depending on the player's choices.
5/21/2019: Every choice has repercussions ? choose wisely.
4/4/2019: A storm is coming and it will change everything for these five characters.
3/29/2019: In this chapter, the dewvelopers dive into the art of creating motion and sound to immerse players in The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan's world.
12/5/2018: Creating the dark setting of Man of Medan with lighting effects, dissonant audio, and research into real-world military vessels.
11/28/2018: Showcasing the creation of the menacing abandoned vessel that serves as the setting for Man of Medan.
10/31/2018: The Curator knows that there are rules. He's not supposed to interfere, but he's excited and can get a little carried away. He has seen things that the player has probably missed - important things. But he's not permitted to tell them what these things are ... directly.