Desperados III Videos & Trailers

5/28/2020: Kate O'Hara grew up as a Colorado farm girl, dreaming of fame and glamor on the stage in the big city. But she had to learn to get along in the rough wild west, where most men are not natural gentlemen and very often only understand the clear message of a joyfully kick in their ... well, crown jewels. This way, Kate can knock down enemies when she gets close enough - and she's got many ways to get in melee range. Naturally, she loves to disguise herself with different outfits and of course uses
5/20/2020: Everything that you need to know about Desperados III.
5/20/2020: Mimimi Games talks about the process of making a game, their daily routine, and coffee.
5/13/2020: Members of the development team talk about the process of illustrating and animating the world of Desperados III.
5/6/2020: Is it a man or is it a bear? Hector Mendoza's sheer force makes him a fearsome opponent for all the gangsters in Desperados III. He wears a cruel axe to ... well, better see for yourself. Also, he lays out his beloved bear trap Bianca, where his opponents can step in and ... well, better see for yourself.
5/6/2020: Members of the development team talk about their sources of inspiration, the creation of the characters of Desperados III, and who their favorite characters are.
4/29/2020: Members of the development team talk about making games, their motivations, and the creation of Desperados III.
4/21/2020: He's almost quicker to the draw than his own shadow, and his bullets always hit their mark.
2/19/2020: Someone call for a Doctor?
8/16/2019: Born and raised in New Orleans, Isabelle has mastered the occult techniques of Voodoo. She is able to slip into the mind of her enemies and control their actions. Also she can establish a dark bond between two foes, that let them share the same fate - so if one throat gets sliced, the other one will also bleed out. But these powers come with a price for Isabelle, a blood sacrifice she has to offer whenever she decides to use her powers. She cannot use just any blood for this, as it has to be her