Overcooked 2 Videos & Trailers

4/18/2019: Take to the Trail Mix Trail with the Onion King, Kevin the Dog, and four new chefs.
3/27/2019: The Onion King has joined the Cookie Scouts in his latest bid to appease his kingdom after raising the Unbread and he wants you to help him make amends.
2/5/2019: Enjoy the tranquility of Koi ponds, incense, and drifting lanterns as you come to grips with two new recipes: fruit platter and hot pot.
12/14/2018: New Christmas recipes, kitchens, and chefs.
12/10/2018: Something new and free is coming to Overcooked 2.
10/3/2018: Join the Onion King on a culinary island adventure.
8/7/2018: The Onion King has risen the Unbread and he has tasked you with defeating them.