Control Videos & Trailers

8/21/2019: You are Jesse Faden, a new Director of a secretive agency in New York that is taken over by an otherworldly threat.
7/30/2019: Someone would like to tell you about a dream he had last night.
4/11/2019: Composers Martin Stig Andersen (INSIDE, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus) and Petri Alanko (Alan Wake, Quantum Break) will be composing the score for Control.
3/26/2019: Jesse Faden arrives at the Oldest House searching for answers just as an otherworldly force known as the Hiss attacks and kills the the Federal Bureau of Control's former Director.
12/20/2018: August 4, 1964. Bureau Agents discovered the Oldest House, investigating an Altered World Event case in the New York City Subway tunnels. It's a place of power. From the outside it looks like an ordinary building, a Brutalist skyscraper, but inside it breaks the laws of our reality, unstable, mad and shifting.
6/11/2018: After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control.