The Sims 4 Videos & Trailers

6/10/2021: Experience a pastoral existence in the idyllic town of Henford-on-Bagley.
6/1/2021: Unleash your creativity and transform your clients' spaces from drab to fab.
1/12/2021: Haunted House lots will come with lots of ghosts.
10/20/2020: Escape to Mt. Komorebi for some fun in the snow.
9/1/2020: Sims can choose to support Rey and Vi Moradi as part of the Resistance, pledge allegiance to the First Order under Kylo Ren, or look to earn more credits with Hondo Ohnaka and the scoundrels.
8/27/2020: As a new visitor to Batuu, Sims will experience the authentic sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe and embark on missions, unite with iconic characters like Rey and Kylo Ren, and get their hands on their very own lightsaber and droid.
7/14/2020: As Sims take up knitting and increase their skill, they can teach other Sims to knit and unlock new knitting styles.
5/19/2020: Reduce your eco footprint and help restore the "green" in Evergreen Harbor by installing solar panels or wind turbines to power homes and truly live off the grid.
5/6/2020: In the evolving city of Evergreen Harbor, Sims have the choice to go green and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle where they can use alternative energy resources, grow their own food, and up-cycle materials for new furniture.
1/7/2020: Use space-saving furniture to create a tiny home.
11/5/2019: Enrolling is just the beginning.
10/22/2019: Will your Sims attend the University of Britechester for the arts and humanities, or the modern Foxbury Institute for careers in science and technology fields?
6/8/2019: Introducing the beautiful, sun-soaked world of Sulani.
11/17/2017: The Sims have moved to a new neighborhood, consoles.
7/26/2017: The Sims are moving to consoles.