Wreckfest Videos & Trailers

2/9/2021: The new Wrecknado track kicks off a new tournament season, and the Reckless Pack adds three new vehicles.
9/15/2020: Season 2 of Wreckfest starts with the Getaway Car Pack.
7/7/2020: Season Pass #1 concludes with a Banger.
4/28/2020: Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges in four new race modes.
11/26/2019: 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations, and additional car customizations like armor and rims.
9/10/2019: Wreck the Wingman, Buggy, and Bumper Car.
8/26/2019: Discover new ways for metal to bend.
7/31/2019: Sheriff the Crasher will hunt you down.
7/17/2019: Meet Lucky99, the Racer who lives for winning.
6/14/2017: Wreckfest is breakneck racing and over-the-top crashes.