Code Vein Videos & Trailers

8/21/2019: The Butterfly of Delirium proves that two heads are better than one as her graceful wings hide a monstrous second set of jaws, capable of attacking players at any moment. She is also able to strike from a distance by emitting deadly spores for damaging area-of-effect attacks.
8/21/2019: New Code Vein game footage revealed at gamescom 2019.
8/8/2019: A leader at heart, Eva Roux is a character that you can partner up with to defeat your enemies.
7/17/2019: The Invading Executioner utilizes her scythe for swift attacks with rhythmic precision. She is also capable of harnessing the element of water for devastating area-of-effect attacks and to close the distance between herself and the player.
7/12/2019: Meet Jack Rutherford, a ruthless revenant with a swagger all his own.
7/8/2019: Will you rise up and battle the Lost?
7/2/2019: Fight off the Lost with your "Partner" at your side.
6/27/2019: This Wolf-like creature hits hard with elemental attacks and deadly chains.
6/10/2019: Fight to survive or become one of the the Lost.
5/30/2019: The dev team reveals their inspirations in creating Code Vein.
7/6/2018: Help Louis in his quest to restore the world.
7/4/2018: Armed with his Hounds Blood Veil, Yakumo will thrash anyone who gets in his way.
6/11/2018: They say the most dangerous weapon is the one you don't see coming.
6/9/2018: Beware the Hounds, these terrifying Blood Veil weapons will rip apart any enemy that it sinks it's teeth into.
6/8/2018: Beware of the sinister Stinger.
6/8/2018: True to its name, Ogre demolishes your enemies with power and sheer force.
6/5/2018: Venture into the land of Code Vein in September.
4/12/2018: Steel yourself Revenant, the Lost will not go easy into the darkness.
12/18/2017: The opening music and animation for the game.
6/11/2017: In the not too distant future, a mysterious disaster has brought collapse to the world as we know it.