Fuse Videos & Trailers

6/1/2013: Game tips straight from the developers at Insomniac Games.
5/26/2013: They call the stuff Fuse, it's volatile, unpredictable, and when combined with other elements, it gets really weird...
5/7/2013: Taking place midway through the game, the demo gives players a chance to play with and level-up all four Overstrike operatives and their Xenotech weapons.
5/3/2013: Learn the backstory of each of the four agents and see what happens when they work together.
5/1/2013: An alien energy source known as Fuse has been stolen by the rogue military corporation, Raven. Each of Raven's ruthless leaders has their own plan for the powerful, volatile substance. Can the Overstrike 9 agents stop them before the world is brought to its knees?
9/14/2012: See what fuse can do for you.