Darksiders II Videos & Trailers

8/17/2012: Vigil's Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton shares some of his combat tips.
8/10/2012: Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton introduces The Crucible.
8/7/2012: Death himself explains why he has embarked upon his quest, and who should steer clear of his path.
7/26/2012: The Crowfather sets the stage for our tale...
7/19/2012: Vigil's development team gives you an inside look at Death's gear and skills.
6/19/2012: In a bombed-out church, at the height of the apocalypse, the last of humanity huddles in fear...
5/10/2012: Vigil's development team discusses the game's plot and Death's history.
3/23/2012: And there was a war in heaven where demon fought against angel...
3/19/2012: The team at Vigil Games takes you behind the scenes for a glimpse at the world of Darksiders II.
1/19/2012: The game's developers discuss creating Death as a playable character in a game.
12/12/2011: Darksiders II follows another one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death.
6/3/2011: Death to the rescue!