Tomb Raider Videos

2/28/2013: The team prepares for launch as host Zachary Levi discusses the next steps for Tomb Raider
The Final Hours: The End of the Beginning, Part 2 Thumbnail
2/21/2013: Lara has a scrappy and raw approach to combat.
2/12/2013: These are the final hours of Tomb Raider...
The Final Hours: The End of the Beginning, Part 1 Thumbnail
2/11/2013: Lara must evade a hostile Scavenger den...
Monastery Escape Gameplay Walkthrough Thumbnail
2/6/2013: How Lara can use the basecamp system as a way to explore the island and unlock some of its many secrets.
Guide to Survival Episode #2  Thumbnail
1/8/2013: A behind the scenes look at the development of Tomb Raider's multiplayer mode.
The Final Hours #4 - Surviving Together  Thumbnail
12/14/2012: How Lara must use her wits to become a Survivor.
Guide to Survival Episode #1  Thumbnail
12/10/2012: Watch Lara transition from "survival" to "survivor"...
11/30/2012: A behind the scenes interview with Composer Jason Graves and the audio team of Tomb Raider.
The Final Hours #3 - The Sound of Survival Thumbnail
10/2/2012: The creative process behind the game's story.
The Final Hours #2 - Origins of a Story Thumbnail
7/10/2012: The series starts off with an exclusive interview on location with the newly-announced voice and character of Lara Croft, Camilla Luddington.
The Final Hours #1 - An Icon Reborn Thumbnail
6/1/2012: Lara Croft faces a situation that will change her life forever.
Crossroads Trailer Thumbnail