Mortal Kombat Videos & Trailers

8/10/2011: Out of your nightmares and into Mortal Kombat...
7/22/2011: Don't fall asleep…
7/13/2011: Watch as Rain wields water like others would wield a sword and uses it to crush, suffocate, drop, and destroy anyone who steps into the ring to face him.
7/2/2011: How Kenshihe came to lose his sight and develop his extraordinary senses.
4/10/2011: Your soul is his!
2/11/2011: Liu Kang’s story and how this Shaolin monk rose up from humble beginnings as an orphan to become one of Earthrealm’s greatest hopes for survival.
11/1/2010: This video features Scorpion and some of his killer moves while he takes on an array of Mortal Kombat warriors.