Red Dead Redemption Videos & Trailers

6/8/2010: A Red Dead Redemption short film, directed by John Hillcoat (director of The Proposition and The Road).
5/27/2010: Using the world of Red Dead Redemption as a virtual film studio and created entirely with in-game assets and technology, John Hillcoat reimagines Marston’s pursuit of justice and salvation.
5/13/2010: This trailer takes you to the slowly modernizing towns of New Austin to the revolution south of the border and introduces you to the eclectic characters John Marston meets on his journey.
5/7/2010: Go south of the border and follow John Marston as he navigates the treacherous, war-torn landscape, where the line between good and evil blurs.
4/23/2010: A video look at the game's multiplayer modes.
4/8/2010: Choose to explore the wild western wilderness solo, or join up with friends and wreck havoc as part of a posse.
4/8/2010: Each character takes on a life of his own…
3/25/2010: Witness John Marston live on both sides of Western society with this eclectic cast that runs the gamut from Ivy league professor to grave digger. Each character reveals a different aspect of life in the Wild West and makes life more interesting for Marston as he journeys through the untamed frontier, chaotic Mexican border towns, and busy towns of the North.
3/17/2010: Every day brings a new struggle for survival…
2/25/2010: Wielding weapons of destruction, women fight to reclaim the Wild West.
2/12/2010: The Law sheds light on the law enforcement agencies trying to tame the Wild West. From deputies to agents, these lawmen will go to any means necessary to bring justice to the masses, even if it means using unfavorable tactics.
1/28/2010: A video look at the Wild West's weapons of death and destruction.
12/1/2009: Meet the game's hero and a few of the characters he'll encounter on his journeys.