Torchlight: Infinite Videos

7/5/2024: Carino is making his return as the Zealot of War, a gun wielding maniac set out for revenge.
Zealot of War Hero Trailer Thumbnail
8/28/2023: Once there was a prosperous and thriving great kingdom, but now only remains desolation and barren.
The City of Aeterna Season Trailer Thumbnail
8/10/2023: Legends tell of a great and eternal city on Leptis, once blessed with prosperity and peace. A city that disappeared one day, swallowed by a foreboding fog. Where it once stood, a labyrinth of derelict ruins and withered trees are all that can be seen when the mist rises, promises of endless wealth and ancient powers hidden within.
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4/24/2023: Torchlight: Infinite will launch into full release with its newest season, Cube of Rapacity.
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1/5/2023: Erika is a Stalker, hailing from the Ichi Tribe. Equipped with dual blades, her first Hero Trait is called “Wind Stalker” which specialises in rapid movement, allowing her to swiftly weave between enemies before delivering a devastating killing blow.
Cateye Erika Trailer Thumbnail
1/5/2023: Hunters will embark upon a swashbuckling quest into the endless Sea of Void.
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