Jump Force Deluxe Edition Videos & Trailers

4/7/2021: Giorno Giovanna joins the Jump Force.
4/7/2021: The fifth JoJo demonstrates his moves.
1/27/2021: The former Commander of Soul Society’s Stealth Force is joining Jump Force.
10/21/2020: Watch Hiei’s merciless Dragon of the Darkness Flame attack and Meruem’s Nen abilities in action.
9/28/2020: Hiei’s all-seeing Jagan and devastating Dragon of the Darkness Flame attack combine to make him an S-Class demon.
9/17/2020: Chimera Ant King Meruem blends his tremendous physicality and Nen abilities to generate an entirely unique new playstyle.
8/28/2020: Unite to save our world, unite to fight.
6/15/2020: Jump Force jumps onto Switch in August.
4/16/2020: The first character in Character Pass 2 has been revealed.
4/16/2020: Goku, Naruto, Luffy, and more are coming to the Switch.