Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Videos & Trailers

1/9/2020: 17 new cards, 3 new Battle Modules, and new illustrations, effects, and backgrounds for card creation.
10/28/2019: New characters, extra missions, new battle modules, and more.
9/11/2019: Free Update #3 brings 16 new characters, 3 new super attacks, 5 extra missions, and more.
8/7/2019: Discover and unlock characters from the mighty Saiyan warrior race.
4/24/2019: Four new Super Rare ranked cards, four new stages, a new Extra Mission mode, a new Card Gacha mode, and an array of new designs and card customization options.
4/12/2019: Who will be joining the roster next?
4/5/2019: Save the world by building the ultimate deck.