Trials Rising Videos & Trailers

8/20/2019: Go on a journey below the equator to traverse the Amazon rainforest, admire Inca ruins, go on a safari, and discover Antarctica.
4/16/2019: Ride along the most legendary road in the United States: Route 66.
3/21/2019: The race for prestige, glory, and an exclusive rider outfit is on.
2/26/2019: Travel to more than 30 countries and put your skills to the test on more than 120 tracks.
2/6/2019: The Trials Rising Expansion Pass will include more than 55 new tracks.
8/21/2018: The Trials Rising Closed Beta is launching on September 13th.
7/8/2018: Gameplay video from the Trials Rising demo at E3 2018.
6/11/2018: Trials Rising lets riders travel the world and put their skills to the test.