Marvel's Midnight Suns Videos

1/19/2023: Deadpool brings his unique new abilities and his signature brand of chaos to the battlefields.
Deadpool DLC Trailer Thumbnail
11/29/2022: Darkness falls… city by city, nation by nation. The time for the Midnight Suns is now.
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11/28/2022: Nico Minoru is a young witch and wielder of the Staff of One who tries to befriend the rest of her fellow Super Heroes.
Nico TV Thumbnail
11/22/2022: The recruitment of Blade, a half-human half-vampire hybrid with a penchant for the sword.
The Daywalker Thumbnail
11/16/2022: Explore The Abbey, your secret base, to discover powerful hidden items and secrets to aid you in the conflict against Lilith and her minions.
Welcome to the Abbey Trailer Thumbnail
11/15/2022: How were Caretaker and Magik able to recruit Ghost Rider to the Midnight Suns?
Hell On Wheels Thumbnail
11/8/2022: Learn how Scarlet Witch was able to recruit Magik to the Midnight Suns team.
A New Sun Must Rise Thumbnail
10/31/2022: Travel back in time to the late 1600s to learn the Hunter's tragic origin story, where a moment of weakness damned the entire world.
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10/26/2022: Deadpool will be joining the Midnight Suns early next year.
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6/9/2022: Hell’s army just got stronger. We’re gonna need some backup.
Darkness Falls Trailer Thumbnail