Street Fighter 6 Videos & Trailers

5/22/2024: Unleash your inner demon.
5/3/2024: Will you harness the power of the Satsui no Hado or succumb to the inner demon?
4/1/2024: Adventure through the Battle Hub in Rathalos Armor and take photos in a redesigned space built for all hunters aching for a fight.
2/27/2024: Ed, the Psycho-powered boxer, joins Street Fighter 6.
2/8/2024: After rejecting the evil intentions of M. Bison, Ed managed to escape the grasps of the Shadaloo organization and create Neo Shadaloo with the hopes of helping others like him.
9/27/2023: Meet the mistress of poison in World Tour, learn her serpentine moves for Avatar Battles in the Battle Hub, and get your hands on her toxicity in Fighting Ground.
8/30/2023: A.K.I., the maniacal mistress of poison, will slither her way into Street Fighter 6 on September 27th.
8/7/2023: A maniacal poison aficionado, A.K.I. can’t wait to sink her nails into her opponents as the second character from Year 1.
7/5/2023: Rashid hops onto the scene as the 19th playable character, with new and unique moves for players to master.
6/9/2022: He went home to become a family man, but now a new mission awaits.
6/2/2022: Street Fighter 6 is coming in 2023.