Streets of Rage 4 Videos & Trailers

7/1/2021: Beat down endless waves of foes and earn perks for as long as you can stay alive.
6/12/2021: Series alums Shiva and Max Thunder join newcomer Estel Aguirre to dish out the knockouts.
4/8/2021: Play as officer Estel Aguirre, one of Mr. X Nightmare’s three included fighters, as she goes off duty to join forces with the heroes of Streets of Rage 4 for the first time.
4/30/2020: The first major release in the Streets of Rage series in over 25 years is here.
4/17/2020: A first look at Streets of Rage 4's Battle Mode, a legacy experience returning from Streets of Rage 2 and 3.
4/8/2020: Some of Streets of Rage 4's tributes to the original trilogy, including unlockable pixel art characters with movesets and abilities unique to their original games.
3/20/2020: A look at the work of Streets of Rage 4's main composer and a roster of international guest musicians.