My Hero One's Justice 2 Videos & Trailers

8/20/2020: Watch how Mei Hatsume utilizes her Zoom Quirk to pinpoint enemy weaknesses, and then uses her Capture Gun, Electro Booster, and Wire Arrow to exploit those weaknesses.
6/11/2020: Wing Hero: Hawks joins My Hero One's Justice 2.
3/13/2020: Push your quirks beyond their limits and fight for your justice.
3/4/2020: Shiketsu High School's Seiji Shishikura and Camie Utsushimi join the fight, ready to prove that Shiketsu High School can hold their own.
2/28/2020: Showcasing the moves of the newest villains added to the roster, such as Kai Chisaki, Tomura Shigaraki (Another Ver.), and both Mr. Compress and Twice from the League of Villains.
2/18/2020: Gang Orca, Seiji Shishikura, and Camie Utsushimi, Full Cowling 100% Izuku, and Overhaul Ver. 2 make an appearance in the story.
1/30/2020: Unleash the power of even more characters.
9/30/2019: Double Detroit Smash into a new My Hero One's Justice game.