Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Videos & Trailers

2/21/2024: Goku’s Next Journey DLC takes place at end of DRAGON BALL Z where series protagonist Goku takes on the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament.
3/8/2021: A new story arc featuring Trunks from the future is coming to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.
10/26/2020: Build a robust deck of battle-cards and take your tactical skills online to challenge other players.
4/27/2020: Will your training with Whis be enough to defeat Beerus?
1/10/2020: Collect Soul Emblems and then use them to build up the Community Board.
1/8/2020: Control how your favorite characters progress.
12/18/2019: Living life as one of Earth's greatest heroes and defenders is always an adventure.
11/1/2019: Face pure evil as you fuse and go up against Majin Buu.
10/28/2019: Feel the power flow through your veins.
10/25/2019: A look at the game's story, battles, and exploration.
9/11/2019: Get ready to relive the epic tale of Buu.
6/10/2019: Prepare for the arrival of the Saiyans.
1/28/2019: Join Goku and fellow warriors in the never-ending search for the ultimate fight.