Fallout 76 Videos

6/9/2024: Investigate the cause of the electric storm circling overhead and unveil the mystery around Vault 63 and its dwellers, including a shocking new Ghoul type – The Lost.
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3/26/2024: Brave Atlantic City’s flooded city center to fight back against the Overgrown, get tangled up in the Russo family at the renovated Ingram Mansion, and more.
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3/14/2024: The astoundingly awesome Rip Daring is duking it out with the Jersey Devil. No one but the burly hero--*and* Nurse Guinevere and Percival--could stand toe to toe with the fearsome cryptid stalking New Jersey. Except you, Vault Dweller.
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12/5/2023: Hit the jackpot and earn casino-themed rewards during Season 15 of Fallout 76.
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2/28/2023: Mutations from Daily Ops' missions have infected Public Events.
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12/6/2022: The traveling road show has officially set up permanent residence in Appalachia.
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6/14/2022: Take part in three new public events, and try to rank-up in Season 9 - Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale.
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6/12/2022: Travel beyond the borders of Appalachia to The Pitt – a grim industrial wasteland crippled by conflict and awash with radiation.
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9/8/2021: Fallout Worlds introduces two new modes: Custom Worlds for Fallout 1st members and Public Worlds designed by Bethesda which available to all players.
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7/7/2021: You arrive back at Fort Atlas to find the tensions between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin have reached a boiling point. After swarms of Super Mutants start to appear and people are reported missing, how will you guide the Brotherhood?
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6/13/2021: Expeditions: The Pitt is a free update to Fallout 76 that will take you outside of Appalachia to other locales in the Fallout universe.
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6/13/2021: You arrive back at Fort Atlas to find the tensions between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin have reached a boiling point. After swarms of Super Mutants start to appear and people are reported missing, how will you guide the Brotherhood?
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4/27/2021: Armor Ace in Cold Steel has arrived.
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11/30/2020: Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops have arrived from California to establish a new Appalachian chapter. Where will your loyalties lie as you aid the members of the Brotherhood and factions of Appalachia?
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11/11/2020: Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops have arrived from California to establish a new Appalachian chapter.
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7/1/2020: Join The Legendary Run to earn new and exclusive rewards and create teams with the new Public Teams feature.
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4/9/2020: The Settlers have come to find a new home, and the Raiders have come to exploit them.
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2/4/2020: People are now coming back to West Virginia, and two vying factions are struggling to gain the upper hand.
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6/14/2019: Nuclear Winter is an all-new 52-player PvP Battle Royale mode, free for Fallout 76 players.
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6/9/2019: One year after the opening of Vault 76, other humans have returned to Appalachia. Factions of Settlers and Raiders aim to make the world their own and claim a rumored fortune. Embark on a new main quest of choice and consequence, interact with characters and their unique stories, discover the faction settlements of Crater and Foundation, and collect powerful new weapons and armor. Your choices decide their fates.
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3/13/2019: A mythical beast, a lost generation of scouts, and the strongest brew this side of the wasteland. Welcome to Wild Appalachia.
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10/31/2018: Who Goes There?: The Strange Encounter In Flatwoods opens on a fateful night, when a young Pioneer Scout, Fred Fisher, finds himself in quite the predicament, having taken a spill and fallen into a dark place.
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10/31/2018: The Beast of Grafton takes place in the rural hills near Grafton, where locals have reported a strange creature lurking in the woods. Robbie Cockrell and Peggy Mansfield were out on a date, celebrating Peggy's birthday, and a full moon loomed large as they drove
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10/31/2018: Not all creatures are of the land; some stalk the skies. One such boogeyman has been reported for generations by mystified West Virginians. The Mothman Cometh begins in Morgantown Municipal Hospital. We join young Mary Scarberry at her bedside as she wakes, looking a little worse for wear.
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10/31/2018: In Sideshow Snallygaster, the carnival has come to the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Billy Harding and his dad wander past the games and rides as a sideshow Barker touts a frightful attraction.
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10/31/2018: It has been said that money is the root of all evil. So when greed knows no bounds and avarice goes unchecked, what other appetites might take hold? Curse of the Wendigo chews over this very question.
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10/29/2018: Reclamation Day, 2102. Twenty-five years after the bombs fall, you and your fellow vault dwellers, chosen from the nation's best and brightest, emerge into post-nuclear America.
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9/27/2018: Reclamation day nears.
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9/5/2018: Learn to work together with fellow survivors to piece together nuclear launch code fragments and harness the power of the atom.
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8/21/2018: After thermonuclear war, Man's towering industrial marvels may no longer stretch to the heavens. It's up to YOU to rebuild America with C.A.M.P.s ? Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform.
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8/14/2018: Don't find yourself downtrodden by your new life outside of Vault 76, other Vault Dwellers are here to help.
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8/13/2018: What role will you fulfill in life outside of Vault 76? The latest episode helps Dwellers new to the outside world choose a path or many - success is in the cards.
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6/28/2018: Unlock access to the ultimate weapon ? Nuclear Missiles.
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6/27/2018: Use the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P.) to build and craft anywhere in the world.
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6/26/2018: The You Will Emerge introduction to multiplayer in Fallout 76.
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6/25/2018: Visit the post-nuclear regions of West Virginia.
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6/11/2018: Fallout 76, the online prequel where every surviving human is a real person. Work together, or not, to survive.
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5/30/2018: Get your first brief glimpse at the next Fallout game.
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